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For all of your framing requirements and more...


At Fineline Frames we pride ourselves on the quality of our work and the high quality of the materials used. We keep over five hundred samples in stock for you to choose from, including wooden and aluminium frames, choose from an array of coloured or natural finishes. Absolutely anything can framed including: medals, T-shirts, cross-stitch, rosettes.

Whatever it is we can frame it, just ask us for advice!

Frame styles include

  • Box frames
  • Ornate frames
  • Float Frames
  • Lacquered frames
  • Contemporary frames
  • Water guilded frames
  • Farrow & ball hand finished frames
  • Aluminium frames

Different woods used include:

  • Obeche
  • Walnut
  • Beech
  • Maple
  • Pine
  • Oak
  • Ash


We stock many types of mount board and around one hundred and thirty colour choices. Mounts are used to enhance artwork but also for protection, for example a framed photograph will be inclined to stick to the glass unless it is

mounted. The type of board used will depend on your artwork requirements. Lining and wash lines can be added and bevels can be custom finished (hand coloured).

Mount Board Types Include:

  • Whitecore
  • Conservation
  • Black Core
  • Cotton Core
  • Solid Core
  • Suedette

Mount types include:

  • Single
  • Double
  • Triple
  • Float
  • Oval
  • Round
  • French
  • Multi opening
  • V Groove
  • Inlays


We currently use five different glass types, from the most commonly used Float Glass to specialist glass with inbuilt UV filters and reflection control.

There are other glass types that we can use if you have something specific in mind, or our expert thinks you may benefit from, including thicker glass for large pictures, acrylic or perspex, there are twenty four different types in all.

2mm Float Glass

This is the most commonly used glass and suitable for framing most artwork when conservation is not an issue.

2mm Diffused Glass

Also referred to as anti-reflection glass. This glass is basically the same as float glass but has been etched with acid on both sides, thus cutting down on reflection. There is however one drawback, this glass cannot be used with a deep mount as it tends to distort the picture.

2.5. Conservation Clear

A very good value conservation glass. This glass has built in UV filters to cut down on damage caused by sunlight. Worth having on any artwork that you consider to be of value.


This is by far our most widely used glass at present. It offers a good rate of UV protection.


This is the best glass that we use at the moment. It is an anti-reflective glass with built in UV filters. This glass has not got the greenish tint that normal glass has and so keeps the colours of the artwork as true as possible. With virtually no reflection and a high level of UV filteration this is a fantastic glass for those who want the best for their artwork.


Acrylic can be used when public safety needs to be considered, or on items that will be moved a lot. The acrylic that we use vary in thickness, which may vary depending on your picture size.

Many acrylic's are available including: Standard, Diffused and even UV coated acrylics.


As mirrors are often the center focal point of a room we use a very high quality mirror, 1 inch, beveled edge 4 mm thick mirror, which comes in all standard sizes, though they can be cut to size for specific requirements.

Framing Mirrors

Most frames can be used to frame mirrors, but we recommend frames that are strong enough to support the weight of the heavy glass used in mirrors. We have endless amounts of frames available to choose from.

All expert advice is free.